Welcome to the Harvard Club of Arkansas!

The past year had a number of things to be proud of. Our club, in conjunction with the Clinton School of Public Service, hosted Professor Harry Lewis for a meet-and-greet with Club members and lecture about new methods of teaching in a the connected world. Professor Lewis was very complimentary of the experience and enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with our members. We plan to continue to bring in guest speakers to keep us plugged in to the University.

On a beautiful day in May, local alum Lisa Ferrell allowed us to use Rockwater Marina to have a gathering. Everyone had a great time sipping wine, eating hors d’oeuvres, and chatting while taking in the great views of the Arkansas River. Those were but a couple highlights during the year. We also attended four college fairs, conducted numerous interviews, distributed Harvard Book Awards, and had our annual Harvard-Yale watch party.

We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions as to other ways to increase engagement with our local Harvard community. One thing we wish to add this year is at least one event in Northwest Arkansas, so we are looking for someone who will be willing to coordinate.


Chad Brown AB’07